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Let's Collaborate for a Unique, Transformative, & Unforgettable Experience for Our Guest.

I have extensive experience and knowledge in organizing successful events, having created my own sound bath events, A Renewal Retreat, co-created Peace Fest Houston, and collaborated on a multitude of other gatherings.

Specializing in utilizing a diverse array of instruments, including alchemy singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, rattles, koshi chimes, rainstick, and drum. These tools create an immersive sound bath experience, expanding into a multitude of vibrant overtones that promote deep relaxation, healing, and spiritual growth.

Collaborating allows us to pool our resources, skills, and creativity, resulting in a richer and more diverse event experience. By working together, we can create an event that aligns with both of our visions, bringing our collective strengths and ideas to fruition. Additionally, we can leverage each other's networks to reach a wider audience and create a larger impact.

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