In 1989, Cheree began to develop her own understanding of a Higher Energy Source (God) and how this vibrational energy started transforming her connection to her True Essence (her Spirit/Soul).

Which was a huge relief for her because the beliefs she had grown up with never made sense to her.

Cheree was a member of Unity Church of Christianity from 1991- 2000. She took a multitude  of lectures, guided meditation and prayer groups. This is where she learned the power of

prayer, meditation and intention.

Cheree found meditation profoundly life-changing when she delivered both her children naturally, by removing the mind and allowing Source to follow though her. As she says

“those moments can ONLY be described as Spiritual Experiences.” 

Cheree was already working with a healer and decided in 1997 to start getting into healing studies for herself. She took courses in Reiki, Feng Shui, Crystals, Essential Oils and had her first accidental past life regression while in a meditation seminar at Unity Church. This kicked off an adventure of her digging deeper in

past life regression work. 

Cheree has looked into a multitude of Religions and Spiritual beliefs that she has built her own personal Spiritual connection keeping what resinates with her Soul. Her loves have been taken

meditation classes with Taiwan Monks, chatting/meditating/yoga with

Bhakti, Buddhism, and Kundalini.

Cheree was 16 years old when her 6th Sense was opened to the Spirit World which she hasn’t been able to fully harness until she began her work in Shamanism. On this journey she has learned about

Lower World, Middle World, Upper World, Birth Spirit Animal, Soul Retrieval and more.

This process is still unfolding and developing.

Cheree has done Intensive Family of Origin work with Cara Weed, Shadow Work, Women With In, Trauma Work, EMDR, SLAA, and has been sober since 1989. She has worked with a multitude of women of their

road of recovery and recovery from abusive relationships.

Through working with a Spiritual Manifesting Coach in 2018,

Cheree’s True Essence stepped forward and presented her with creating Cheree Spirit.

She has taken a deep dive and is still diving into

Shamanic Work, Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Chakras Journeying,

Yoga Teacher, retook Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, doTERRA Oils.

Cheree facilitates ones connection to their True Essence (Spirit/Soul) working intuitively with Universal Love Energy through vibration, frequency and energy from her Alchemy Sound Bath, Shamanic Work, Reiki Energy and more. Cheree feels doing group energy work  amplifies and expansion of our consciousness can be more profound. We all bring different abilities and awarenesses as individuals which grows our collective energy, making the experience more dimensional.

Namaste 🙏 

Photo by Pamela Urcid @life.grapher