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Where Sound Shapes Souls

Discover the Collective Healing Journey with our Group Sound Bath Events

The Essence of Sound Baths

Just for a moment, imagine the comforting touch of a physical massage. Now, envision being in that same relaxed state, however with sound, vibration, and frequency flowing through and around your body and mind— in essence feel the massage from within.



Hi, I'm Cheree O'Dell

When we come together in a shared space, we amplify the transformative power of sound, frequency, and vibration for healing.

What We Offer


"The sound baths are seriously life changing. This may sound crazy, but I came out of your sound bath with more enlightenment and my body is more regulated. I surrender to my feelings in a way to help me heal. Words can’t describe the feeling, but thank you."


"Amazing Birthday Celebration 🌖 Cheree is an exceptional sound healer who combines professionalism and love in her practice. She creates a nurturing space, tailoring each session to the group's needs, leaving everyone with a profound sense of peace and relaxation. Highly recommend for anyone seeking deep healing and spiritual growth."


"My experience with Cheree Spirit in the sound bath was relaxing and healing. I left after session feeling grounded and calm. I have done many sound bath experiences, some in other countries, and Cheree's was the best one I have done so far. I couldn't recommend her more"

Creations & Collaborations


Collaborative Brands

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